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Ep. 56 What Is Happiness? With Brett Robbo

Short EP - Brett Robbo (4)

We all deserve happiness and there’s a number of things we can do to ensure we live happy, not chase happy. In this short episode I break down a few key points from other experts and life experiences, to give us a bit of a different perspective on happiness. If happiness, joy, gratitude, pride and…

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Ep.27 Grit, Determination & Leadership, With 5 Time Paralympian Brad Ness

ep. 27 Brad ness (2)

Brad Ness is a Paralympic Gold Medalist and 5 time Paralympian in the sport of Wheelchair Basketball and was captain of the Australian team for many years. He is a motivational speaker and successful business owner with a strong passion to enhance the lives of aboriginal communities and kids with a disability. In this episode you will…

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