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Ep. 59 Understanding The “Balance” & SPiN Of Life, With Malin Pettersson

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Malin Pettersson is 14 times Swedish National champion in table tennis, a certified Mental training coach, co-author of the book called ‘Mental Strength’ and is now the Grand Opening Manager for SPiN, which is an awesome concept of ping pong clubs that attracts some of the world’s most popular celebrities like Justin Bieber and sports stars…

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Ep. 5. Courage, humility and acceptance with double amputee World Record holder Vanessa Low

ep.5 vanessa low

I’m really proud to bring Vanessa Low into your lives. She’s an AMAZINGLY humble and impactful woman. When she was almost 16 years old, Vanessa was run over by a train and almost lost her life. Vanessa Low is now a double leg amputee, Paralympic Champion and World record holder for her T42 classification in…

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