EP. 41 Massive Weight Loss, Mental Health & Knowing Your Why, With Tim & Mike From The Thinkfit Podcast

What a fun episode this was with the larrikins Tim and Robo from the ThinkFit podcast.

They’re 2 guys who have lost a combined weight of almost 100kg and are loving their journeys of their new found passion around health and fitness.

We cover a lot of things including the importance of knowing your WHY, goal setting and direction in life, mental health, weight loss, human behaviour and much more. 

I wanted to bring these two legends onto Your Life Of Impact because they’re very relatable humans to most of us.

Whilst they’re life stories consist a lot about weight loss and this is very inspirational to thousands around the world, that’s not the real reason I got them on. They’re two dudes who are simplifying the sometimes confusing world of health and fitness and they’re doing it through their podcasting platform and exposing their lives in a positive and inspiring way on social media to help teach us all a lesson or 10 in life.

It was awesome to hear them discussing mindset, strategies and habits for us to learn to develop in life to make change.

This is all the areas you can learn and loads more through my online program called Mental Strength Training To Become The Best Version Of Yourself.

Find out more info and sign up at yourlifeofimpact.com/coaching

And stay tuned to the end of this episode to see how Tim and Robbo will be linked into this program.

Follow the boys online:

  • @thinkfitpod on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and Gmail thinkfitpod@gmail.com
  • Robo @kiwitriathlete on Insta and @kiwitriathlete on Twitter www.kiwitriathlete.com
  • Tim – @tford14 on Insta and @tjford14 on Twitter www.oztriathlete.com

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