Ep. 87 The Brainless Way To Live Congruently, with Tim Brayshaw

Tim Brayshaw is the director and brand ambassador for Brainless, his own brand that is stimulating a way of living through purpose and passion and he’s aligned this with the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and raising funds for this great charity along the way.

Tim is as down to earth as they come. He’s experienced life working in the disability sector and loved the reward of rehab services.

He’s worked in the mining industry and enjoyed the financial freedom and even time rosters.

He’s experienced some dark and tough times in life that has made him stop, breathe, think of his journey ahead and ask the tough questions like:

Is this really what I want?

Am I really fulfilled with all this money and all these toys?

Is there more to life than this?


In this episode we discuss:

  • What being brainless actually means to Tim
  • How external possessions of the fun toys and big pay checks aren’t truly fulfilling to him
  • How his dark times of rock bottom have helped him become an optimistic lover of life
  • What he learned from locking himself in a Japanese library and reading for 6 hours a day for almost a week.
  • How his brand Brainless is supporting the cure brain cancer foundation

We also unpack a lot of our beliefs and experiences with our learnings in different areas of human behavior and personal development in the second half of this episode. And as is a common experience now with guests, the chat opens up again at the end when he throws a couple of questions at me which I expand on.

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