Ep. 73 Trav Bell. Create Your Legacy With a Bucket List Philosophy

Trav Bell is The Bucket List Guy. The Worldʼs number 1 Bucket List Expert.

As a self-appointed ʻBucketListologistʼ, Trav has obsessively studied the Bucket List phenomenon & blended the worldʼs best Positive Psychology principles to create his own unique Bucket List Life Philosophy.

Trav is a keynote speaker, TedX speaker and an extremely authentic global impactor.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The power of literally changing your life by creating and ticking off your bucket list.
  • Trav’s experience with Depression
  • Why coaching is the best investment any human can make
  • What human behaviour traits are holding us back from living a better life

Trav tells us some stories of people who have broken through their comfort zones and transformed their health and relationships and how we can all create a mindset shift and do the same.

You’ll hear Trav with his advice at the end of this episode talk about coaching and the power and importance of investing into coaches in all different areas of your life, and how he invests big money into this for himself.

I’m the same. I invest into coaching for myself to enhance my life and I frikken love it. My coaches challenge me, make think differently and help me grow and also optimise my life. Most influential and inspirational people in the world do this. Especially those who have clear goals and visions. Actually, that’s how they get clear goals and visions.

That’s why I also do one on one coaching with people, globally, over skype when they’re not in the same place, because 1 – I love coaching & teaching and 2 – They get results!

All the details for everything coaching that we offer are on the website at yourlifeofimpact.com

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