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Ep. 49 Connecting The Head & The Heart, With Spiritual Mentor Anita Tropiano

ep. denisse m vera (1)

Anita Tropiano is one of the most connected human souls I’ve been lucky enough to share my journey with. This episode is about nourishing our spiritual health, one of the 7 key areas of life that I work with. An area that you’ve heard many of our guests on this podcast talk about, some deeper than…

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Ep. 32 Smashing The Stigma Of Adversity, With Brett Robbo


Are you prepared to change the trajectory of your life? Are you prepared to challenge your Belief Systems? Are you prepared to shift your mindset and turn your Adversity into your Advantage? Congratulations – you’re about to become the best version of yourself. What do I mean by this? In this short impactful episode you…

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Ep.24. Action Advice From The Latest 10 Legends

EP. 24 ACTION ADVICE - the next 10 LEGENDS (1)

This is a short episode that recaps the actionable advice from the latest 10 guests on this podcast. I did this with the first 10 legends and you can find that at episode 18. As great as it is to be inspired by and filled with knowledge, we’re not being impactful or truly growing and…

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Ep.21. From Walking Through Life Invisible, To Building A Multi-Million Dollar Empire, with Kate Erickson

EP. 21 Kate Erickson (1)

Kate Erickson is the Content Manager, Community Leader and implementer of awesome ideas for Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire), which is a multi-million dollar empire that boasts one of the world’s most successful podcasts and a product ecosystem of abundance. I’m proud to have her on the podcast as another Inspirational female who has had a…

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Ep.18. Action Advice From The First 10 Legends

ep 18 Action Advice From The First 10 Guests (1)

“Knowledge isn’t power, until it’s applied”. A famous quote from Dale Carnegie who wrote the bestseller, How to win friends and influence people. One of my goals with this podcast is to bring you an abundance of value. Unpacking the awesome stories of our inspirational guests is one powerful method, but more than that, I…

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