Ep. 94 Developing Greater Courage, Clarity & Confidence With The Mountains & Marathons Legends

Mountains and Marathons guides people to develop greater courage, clarity and confidence. They do this through 6 month leadership programs that leverage online coaching, community support, leadership Masterclasses and epic physical challenges. Each of their programs culminate in running a marathon or climbing a mountain in one of the world’s most extraordinary locations.


The founders, Jamin and Jen, are on a mission to run a marathon and climb a mountain in every continent, transform their life and enable other people to do the same. They have already ran 3 marathons in the last 5 months. Just recently, a group of Australians joined them in Chile to complete the Patagonian International Marathon as the finale of their Mountains and Marathons Leadership Program.

I couldn’t more proud of Jamin & Jen and what they’ve created – this epic opportunity for people to make massively positive change in their lives!!!

They’re also offering you legendary listeners $1,000 off one of their upcoming programs – the Two Oceans Marathon Leadership Program and the Conquer the Wall Marathon on the Great Wall of China

To apply for one of their programs or to find out more, simply go to 


In this episode we hear from Jamin and Jen who will give us a bit more detail on their WHY for creating this brilliant concept and then we’ll hear from 3 participants form their recent program who finished with the Patagonian International Marathon. 

These participants who you’re about to hear from, Matt, Monique and Chris,  are like all of us – they’re not elite athletes, they’re not specially gifted and talented, their people like you and I who care about their personal and professional development and being the best versions of themselves.

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