Ep. 118 Finding The Frothers, with Benny Wallington & Brett Robbo

What is a “Frother”?

How is “Frothing” related to your optimal performance condition, your Flow State?

You’ve heard me say many times that i’m an optimistic LOVER of life. My good mate Benny Wallington terms this as “Frothing”. He believes that when we surround ourselves with genuine frothers, we’re actually stimulating a flow state – an optimal performance state of being. He’s on a mission to connect with and bring you the value from an array of frothers and unpack who and what makes these optimistic lovers of life resonate in the froth state so often.

This episode is Benny interviewing me for his podcast called “Finding The Frothers. It’s a fun, engaging style of podcast different to any other interviews you’ve me heard me do.

Benny Wallington is a vice optimisation specialist and a student at the globally impactful Flow Genome Project – a world leading organisation in the research and practical application of optimal human performance.

He’s a genuine, authentic legend that I’m proud to call a close mate, and his name and voice should sound familiar because I had him on this podcast in episode number 61! 


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  1. Adrian Medcraft on 04/22/2019 at 8:34 PM

    Awesome episode mate. Locked it in and can’t wait the heat some more of Benny’s frothing episodes. Great to see how when you believe deeply you truely do have ultimate control of you own destiny

    • Brett Robinson on 04/28/2019 at 4:25 PM

      Thanks again legend. Belief is a MUST for anything we want to achieve. Without it, we’re essentially fighting an endless battle! Enjoy the frothing journey with Benny’s podcast.

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