Ep.3. Resilience, Mindfulness and Choice – to be the best in the World – with Scott Reardon

Scott Reardon is an above knee amputee

He’s two time water ski World Champion, two time Paralympian and a Paralympic Gold Medalist in Track and Field. He’s also an entrepreneur and an all round legend caring deeply for his communities.

In this episode you will learn:

How mindfulness and meditation practices took Scotty from 6th in the World to Number 1!

Lots of tips on mental resilience and how we can all implement processes into our daily lives to achieve our goals and dreams.

And, you will learn about the power of CHOICE

We also talk about:

Scotty’s horrific incident when he lost his leg

The deep drivers behind the legacy he’s creating outside of his sport

The nice parts about the drug testing experiences he’s had

The unbelievable roller coaster he’s been on through his sporting career

And the gratitude cyclone he’s created and continues to enhance.


Added Mention:

One of the things we forgot to speak about was his time with Usain Bolt and the fact he actually got Bolt behind his LIFE Tee campaign.. Usain Bolt ended up wearing Scotty’s Grateful tee and helping him raise the awareness for his charities – it was awesome! Check it out right here!!! Scotty and Usain Bolt in the LIFE Tee’s


Resources discussed in this episode:

Scotty’s website: scottreardon.com.au

Twitter: @ScottReardo

Instagram: @scottreardo

Facebook: @scottreardo


Batyr: The awesome for purpose organisation that focuses on preventative education in the area of youth mental health. Help Scotty and LIFE support these legends.

Snowy Hydro Southcare: The amazing organisation that helped save Scotty’s life!

Scotty and Usain Bolt in the LIFE Tee’s

The race Scotty spoke about in Lyon 2013 Para World Champs

Brilliant transition video of Scotty from 2009 – 2016


Charity support:

If you’re keen to support the LIFE Tee’s charity component, please follow this link. We’re grateful for any and all support: LIFE Tee’s


You can find all info on the podcast and everything else we’re up to at www.yourlifeofimpact.com

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