Ep. 117 How To Simplify Your Complexities & Enjoy A More Abundant Life, with Brett Robbo

If you knew how to live by a simplified process that could help minimise stress, anxiety and worry in your life and improve your happiness and emotional wellbeing, would you be committed to the journey?

In this short episode I explore why you turn simple internal processes into oblique perceptions that trigger your emotions and thought processes of stress, anxiety, “I’m not good enough” and all of those unhelpful but common ways of being.

This episode was also recorded as a video for our social media channels. If you want to see the video version of this, with me standing in the snow in a pair of shorts enjoying a beautiful Swedish spring day, proud of my creative and resourceful stand up desk made from an ironing board and a basket, click here.

Enjoy this random episode and please let me know if you’re keen to hear more of this style.

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