Ep.15. Step Forward In Confidence & Not Back In Fear, with Hugh Jackman’s Acting Coach Dean Carey

Dean Carey has taught acting all around the world for more than three decades and with many great actors, including our very own Aussie, Hugh Jackman. 

Dean also works as a performance consultant on TV and film projects, he’s the author of 5 books and the Founding Director and inspiration behind Actors Centre Australia (ACA) which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017. THIS CHAT ABSOLUTELY BLEW MY MIND and I have taken notes and implemented so many things we speak about in this episode. 


If you let it be, this episode can be a coaching tool to help you with ANY situation in your life….

IT. IS. POWERFUL!!! Prepare to be open minded! 

In this episode you will learn:

      Hugh Jackman’s core characteristics that make him the successful and fulfilled human and actor he is today

      How to use the 3 C’s of Confidence, Creativity and Connectedness to evolve and prepare yourself and future generations

      The simple method of “How Vs Why” and how this can change the directory of your life

–       An exercise to step forward in confidence, even when facing a fear.

–       The power of pattern interrupt, and sooooooo much more!!!

I ask Dean at the end of this episode about his belief of his deep core purpose on this planetI’ve never asked anybody this before and his answer truly intrigued me and has taught me how we can all begin to question and understand our own purpose in a non-stressful way.

I love how this chat just kept unfolding right at the end and these absolute gold knowledge bombs just kept flowing, especially around pattern interrupt, and perception.

We explore many great resources and you can find the links to these below:

Resources Discussed in this episode:




Social Media:

Twitter – @theactingedge

Facebook – @actingedge

Books, groups & awesome humans discussed:

Book with Hugh Jackman – The acting edge

The inner west mum’s – BRILLIANT resource for all mothers!

MindChamps – The amazing organisation Dean has teamed with to coach kids for the future!

Verbatim – Anna Deavere Smith (Ted Talk and resources)

Rowena Balos – voice coach who taught the exercise to STEP FORWARD IN FEAR

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