Ep.89 Changing Your Perception Of Time, With Kristian Martinow From “The Time Keeper”

Kristian Martinow is the founder of “The Timekeeper”, a mindful company on a mission to help people be present and intentional with their time to lead more empowered lives.

Kristian, like me, is a human behavior junkie. He’s not just a consumer of knowledge, he’s a man that takes action.

In this episode we discuss:

 – What time actually is!

 – How his health battles allowed him to learn more about himself and take him on the human behavior learning journey

 – Why presence and mindfulness are the best skills humans possess

 – How timepieces are creating positive conversations around youth mental health

 – How you can start to discover more purpose and more impactful missions in your life

 – And much more around what it’s like to experience life from a perspective of understanding your emotional intelligence at a deeper level.

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Website – thetimekeeper.co

Instagram – @thetimekeeper.co

Facebook – @thetimekeeperco


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