Ep. 11. Academic Research Into the Power Of Gratitude – Enhancing Performance, Relationships and Physiology, with Dr Kerry Howells

Dr Kerry Howells is an academic and teacher educator in the University of Tasmania, teaching in the areas of gratitude in education, professional studies, practitioner research, and teacher leadership. 

Most of you would know by now that Gratitude is a core value of mine and I practice it many ways, every day. I was excited to get Kerry on the podcast to teach us all how the ACTION of gratitude, not just the expression, can change our energetic states and improve all areas of our lives.

In this episode you will learn:

  • the role gratitude can play in enhancing not only our own personal well being, but also our relationships with others and improvement of society as a whole.
  • How Resentment is the opposite to gratitude and ways to shift away from this unhelpful state.
  • Physiological benefits to expressing gratitude

Kerry’s research has shown that gratitude has a particular role in improving teaching and learning and she has published several academic papers that report on her findings in the areas of school leadership and teaching, pre-service teacher education, indigenous education, and academic learning.

This is a very informative episode to help you understand all paradigms of gratitude.

Resources discussed in this episode:

Website: kerryhowells.com

Facebook: @drkerryhowells

Book: Gratitude in Education


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